DEStudios Mission

I started Dangerous Enlightenment Studios in 1991 as a way to organize and distribute my art work. The problem was and still is that I work in many media and my focus is often shifting. Through the years I’ve realized that there are common themes to what I do, whether it’s in my drawings and paintings, photographs, the music I make, or in the words that I write. It is all governed by the idea that I, we, grow and expand ourselves through exploring life in and out of ourselves, and sometimes it leads us to places that, because they seem unfamiliar, can be frightening and seem dangerous. It is through this perceived danger that we emerge as more aware individuals. It is a process of Dangerous Enlightenment, and it is not a one time deal, it is a way of approaching the world.

DEStudios has evolved since its beginnings. I have several websites that I maintain as well as being active on several social media platforms. Help me continue to put out my work by checking out the music, the coffee mugs, the t-shirts, and then choose what makes you smile, or makes you feel good.

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